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Our team combines diverse backgrounds, skills, interests, and education to consistently overcome deadlines, challenges & create best-in-class online patient experiences.

We don’t hire people that just want a job, we hire team players looking for opportunities to consistently perform, progress their careers and enrich the medical practices & healthcare clients they work for.

Meet us at a global destination for our annual meeting and get ready to have serious fun.

Like to let loose? Every weekend our local Seattle team gets together for wine, drinks, and games.

Medical Benefits

All full-time employees and their dependents are eligible for comprehensive medical, dental, & vision on their first day at work.

Paid sabbatical

Employees achieving 5 years with ClickDone are eligible for 3 months paid sabbaticals with generous expense account allotments.

Career Investment

We believe in constant evolution. Each employee receives $750/year to invest in taking courses, attending events, and improving skills.

Consistent Communication

We hold bi-weekly all hands meetings to cover new clients, new hires, and wins so everyone is always up to speed and ready to rock.

Work from home

Each employee is supplied with any choice of Mac or PC laptop, tablet, and work phone so you can do some work in your PJ's.

Relaxed work environment

We get a lot of work done by being calm, well-mannered, so everyone is comfortable & ready to make killer decisions for our clients.

Our Core Beliefs

We’re always going to be up against tight deadlines. To be successful, we have to be diligent in finding solutions that move our projects forward. We’re a team of smart, capable individuals and we rely on one another to bring smart solutions to the table. We proactively help one another because we recognize when one person on our team is struggling, we’re all struggling.

Our industry is constantly evolving, so we evolve with it. When we’re faced with something we don’t know, we confront it head-on. We’re excited to grow and welcome opportunities to learn new things that better ourselves.

It’s not enough to just get the project done; it’s our responsibility to speak up when we think something can be done more thoughtfully or improved upon. We’re not the kind of people who exist to check boxes, but to challenge assumptions and hold ourselves to higher standards. Personally, and professionally, we don’t cut corners, half-ass our work, or stop at “good enough.”

Our relationships with our company, our peers, our clients, and our work must be positive. If someone feels less than positive, we’re compelled to find out why, and how we can make the relationship better. We’re comfortable sharing, as well as hearing, constructive feedback when needed to ensure our relationships remain positive.

We work extremely hard for our clients. At the end of the day, we should be proud of what we’ve accomplished, how we accomplished it, and the impact our work will have beyond our walls. We are great at what we do, and we shouldn’t second guess ourselves. However, if things don’t go according to plan, we’re fearless enough to recognize our mistakes and turn it into an opportunity to improve.

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