Jenny Ngai, DDS

Jenny Ngai, DDS is a premium general dentist running a single dentist, 5 employee team. Despite practicing for 20+ years with zero marketing expense, she's seeing her loyal patient base shrinking as they increase in age. We have changed that.



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01. The Challenge

Despite 20+ years of experience, the patient base was shrinking.

Jenny Ngai prided herself and her practice with the highest quality and consistency of patient care and her patients were extremely loyal to her brand.

The old website was slow, wasn't mobile friendly, and it's clunky and dated design left viewers wary trusting the high-end personalized service promoted.

As a result, all her new patient referrals who visited the site were going to waste, and the resulting lack of traction couldn't replace the natural attrition in her patient base.

02. The solution

A Personalized Approach

Jenny offered a personalized experience with many willing to pay a premium for trust and expertise. People go for Jenny alone, her skills, and her results. So the entire branding strategy was centered on her (as far as she was willing to go) ...professional photography, logo, information, reviews, etc.

We knew her upper-income patient base would connect with a dark theme & "luxury salon" look and feel. The logo (wordmark) was simple: Her full name in bold. High contrast.

As far as the UX (user experience), new and existing patients received instant access to any function within the site in under 5 seconds. All shortcuts were made available within 2 screen-lengths.

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