Smile Hub Dental

Smile Hub Dental is a rapidly growing dentistry practice that added two new offices in the last year and three in the last two years. They realized their branding and website solution would not sustain their growth goals so ClickDone changed both to dramatic effect.



Services Applied

Digital Strategy
Logo Design
Web Design
Chat Functionality

Web Development
Live Reviews Feed
Social Media Feed

Online Payments
Electronic Forms
Ecommerce (Basic)

01. The Challenge

Smile Hub Dental needed a partner to complement their high growth trajectory

Linh Nguyen, DDS needed a partner that understood his vision and goals. At the time, his dentistry chain was branded Best Dentistry. He paid $8k for a prior website that didn't complement his vision and wanted something truly custom.

ClickDone had to fully understand Smile Hub Dental's internal operations and processes. It was an essential step on the journey to correctly positioning adoptable technology that helped unlock their ambitious expansion goals.


02. The solution

Streamlined Millennial Patient Experience

ClickDone's contributions to name selection and logo design were inspired from the simplistic and vibrant style of today's largest technology startup brands. We worked towards a brand that felt fresh but familiar. After 5 scrapped design attempts, we settled on the final design.

The new website was designed to guide a millennial persona through a buyer's journey; essentially answering the following questions in order:

1. What is Smile Hub Dental?
2. Do they offer what I want?
3. Should I trust it?
4. How much is it?
5. What's it like?
5. Where do I go?

Custom plugins and clever design allowed us to fit the entire buyer's journey in the home page.

Did ClickDone nail the design? Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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