Totem Lake Dentistry

Totem Lake Dentistry is a general dentistry practice operating for over 40 years. They are known for offering CEREC same-day crowns and host a large aquarium in the lobby.



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Digital Strategy
Ad-Campaign Management
Web Design

Web Development
Conversion Optimization
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Online Payments
Online Patient Forms
Logo Design

01. The Challenge

Totem Lake Dentistry's original website generated less than 10 leads in one year

Founded in 1998, Totem Lake Dentistry enjoyed significant new patient growth solely via patient base referrals. As the practice grew via word of mouth alone, it wasn't long before the office was at maximum capacity. Not anymore.

The last ten years has seen the practice at 30% capacity with patient growth struggling to keep up with attrition. Totem Lake Dentistry had already reinvested into their website once, but received little in terms of lead generation or new patients.


02. The solution

A Simplified Web Experience Tuned For Mobile Conversions

We delivered a clear cut growth strategy for Totem Lake Dentistry. Our research showed that most new patients moving into the Totem Lake area were younger Millennials. Patients surveyed first explored Google and Yelp reviews, evaluated the website for quality and ease of use, then sought a promotion; all before requesting an appointment. The strategy we embarked on would overcome any potential objections along the UX journey.

First, to achieve social proof, we launched a heavy current-patient campaign to solicit 5-star reviews to their Google and Yelp profiles. Second, we designed a series of promotions and landing pages to host promotions and field Pay Per Click traffic. Third, we designed a website to guide a new patient though a predictable vetting process - all achieved within the home page.

We built 3 separate versions of the website for Desktop / Tablet / Phone complete with custom element sizing and reformatting. Fully custom responsive to ensure anyone using a mobile phone would have 0 objections.

Did ClickDone nail the design? Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

03. The Results

Within 3 months, Totem Lake Dentistry's unprecedented growth paid testament to ClickDone's work.

+ 0
Google/Yelp reviews
+ 0 /mo
Organic Leads
Leads @ $15.88 CPC

"Every new patient we get has told us they found one of our promotions, liked the amount of reviewed we got on Google or Yelp, and said they were blown away by the website which is why they decided to call us to schedule an appointment," says Dr. Nash.

The audience loves the new site and it looks like they have more to look forward to in the future, according to Mike. "We will continue to collaborate with Totem Lake Dentistry, and grow their digital presence."

With their audience already up on cloud nine, it looks like the sky's the limit for Totem Lake Dentistry.

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